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Paul Baines Graphic Artist / Sign Writer / Artist, and Paul B project

Born Shropshire, England 1965

Originally the Pop Art Movement of the late 50’s and 60’s influenced my early development. Continually embracing technology to fulfill my vision and with an ever increasing tendency towards political comment, I felt continually frustrated with the limitation that the image was imposing on my compositional decision, and choice of subject matter to convey my thought process. This inevitable dissatisfaction has gradually led to the totally abstract work that I now produce.


I live in South Shropshire with my wife and son, surrounded by the beautiful but rugged landscape.

With my compelling need for fairness, and a willingness to show empathy with societies disadvantaged, I drive my creative process on, hopefully with a consequence of a question and ultimately an action.


Copyright Paul Baines 2015


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a person

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